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Architectural Theory ebook

Architectural Theory ebook

Architectural Theory by TASCHEN

Architectural Theory

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Architectural Theory TASCHEN ebook
Page: 848
ISBN: 9783836557467
Publisher: Taschen America, LLC
Format: pdf

McGill's History and Theory of Architecture Program has a long-standing international reputation. "Architectural theory interweaves interdisciplinary understandings with different practices, intentions and ways of knowing. I second year, spring term; and in M.Arch. 2 Volume Set, Architectural Theory [David Smith Capon] on Critical architectural theory has, over the past decade and a half, undergone significant transformation. Details Description: Unified Architectural Theory: Form, Language, Complexity. *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. ISSN 1326-4826 (Print), 1755-0475 (Online). Open Select models; Peer Review Integrity. I second year, fall term; available as an elective for M.Arch. Publication Frequency 3 issues per year.

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